Tôi có bằng đại học ở quê nhà, tôi có nên xin du học chương trình cao đẳng hai năm tại Canada? (2) Tôi đang làm việc ở cấp quản lí về kỹ thuật nhưng tôi muốn xin đi học khóa nấu ăn ở Canada vì nghe nói sẽ dễ định cư hơn? (3) Tôi đã 40 tuổi, tôi có nên xin du học Canada vì tuổi này tôi khó xin định cư được theo hệ thống Express Entry chương trình Tay Nghề Cao Federal Skill Workers? People often think that all they need to get a study permit is an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada and the basic documentation listed in the program’s guide. However, to be granted a study permit, it requires a lot more than that. One of the main points that you must satisfy a visa officer is that you are a genuine student. In other word, you have “real” desire to study and will leave Canada once you are finished with your authorized study, and you are not going to over stay in Canada. This comes down to a critical document to be included in your application: Study Plan. A well presented study plan lays out acceptable reasons why you need this study, why you choose this field, how it helps you with your career, how you benefit from the Canadian educational credentials given the high expenses of tuition and living costs in Canada for your study. This is especially important for candidates who are at higher age or high level in their career. Your choice, your decision and your plan must make sense to the officer. In additional, you may need supporting documents for your statements in your study plan to make it credible.
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