Our service fees include:

  1. An initial consultation meeting to assess your eligibilities for your intended immigration program;
  2. Detailed explanation and instructions for you to prepare supporting documents;
  3. Completed application forms;
  4. Draft of applicable letters and documents;
  5. Commissioning documents for clients in Alberta;
  6. Submission letter to the officer how you meet the program’s requirements;
  7. All communications from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) related to your application are responded by the representative on behalf of you;
  8. One-time courier fee to send paper application;
  9. Timely support, application update and response from the representative

Please note:

  • After a thorough and comprehensive assessment, we will advise you our service fees for your application.
  • There are other fees. They are but not limited to the government processing fee, biometrics fee, medical exam fee, certified translation fee, courier fee.
  • Applicable tax is applied to clients inside Canada.